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Discover our smart recycling through ZYOSH's QR codes.


Although our plastic fabrics are recycled, the emission of microplastics remains a significant concern for us. Since 710 began this journey, we have introduced a new approach to reduce this form of contamination in our recycled garments: we have included a QR code on the labels.

Once the garment is used and begins to wear out, the QR code located on the textile label can be scanned. Upon doing so, it redirects to our website, where a form is available to request the collection of the garment. From there, we begin the recycling process to reintroduce the garment into the production cycle sustainably, avoiding the emission of microplastics into the environment.


1. We contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing the emission of microplastics and promoting the use of sustainable materials in our products.

2. We offer a 20% discount on your next purchase after completing the garment collection form.

3. By collecting recycled garments and carrying out the recycling process, we give the garment the opportunity to become a new product instead of being discarded and becoming a contaminating waste in the environment. In this way, we are also contributing to reducing the amount of waste we generate in society and supporting a circular economy.


  • First, send us the technical information of each garment to Zyosh. This information includes the composition of fabrics and threads and the recycling process of each item, individually.
  • Zyosh encapsulates the information by encoding it into an individual QR code for each garment.
  • They transfer this information to the labels and provide them to us with an invisible QR code so they can be sewn onto the garment.
  • When the garment reaches the recycling threshold, the QR code becomes visible and readable by a smartphone. This is the moment when the fabric becomes contaminating and therefore should be recycled.
  • Zyosh receives the information from the QR code when it is scanned by a smartphone and arranges for the collection and recycling of the garment.
  • Please enter your purchase code, we will process the request, arrange for the return and you will receive your discount. Together, we will gradually live in a better world.

Enter your purchase number and get your discount.

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